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Avoiding the risk of under-insurance is essential for every home owner. For your insurance to be effective, it needs to be both adequate and up to date.

Use our online calculators as a quick and easy way to help you estimate the cost of replacing your home and the contents inside it.

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For a competitive quote on a policy that rebuilds your home or replaces your contents, please complete and submit the form below.


NOTE: We cannot quote on the following risks :
  • Buildings being let or rented on a commercial basis eg. hotels/hostel/motels, boarding house
  • Buildings that are poorly constructed, badly maintained or subject to a demolition order
  • Buildings that are National Trust classified or heritage listed
  • Building that are shared by more than 3 unrelated persons
  • Buildings that are used for any business, trade or profession purposes, other than a home office
  • Unoccupied properties
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General information...

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Have you or any of the persons to be insured made a claim on any insurer for loss or damage?
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Have you or anyone permanently residing with you, been convicted of arson, theft, fraud or violence against any person or property in the last 10 years?
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During the last 3 years, has any insurer refused to insure your home and/or contents?
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Have you been declared bankrupt and not been discharged for at least 1 year?
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By submitting this Declaration, I/we declare and agree that:
  • I/we have the consent of all other persons covered by this policy to make this Declaration,
  • the contents of this Declaration are true and complete,
  • I/we have read the information concerning the duty of disclosure (immediately below this declaration) and other important notices;
  • I/we have answered every question fully and frankly, have been truthful and accurate in completing this application and have not withheld any information likely to affect the acceptance of this insurance;
  • I/we realise that if I/we have not complied with the duty of disclosure, any claims may not be met
  • if anything happens during the Period of Cover which alters any of the information provided, I/we will promptly inform the insurer;
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Important - Under the terms of the Financial Services Act we are required to supply a copy of our "Financial Services Guide" (FSG). You can view this guide by clicking on the following link - "Financial Services Guide (FSG)"