Contract Works (Construction) Insurance


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Contract Works Insurance:

This insurance provides cover against risks building projects against loss or damage.

Typically, a Contract Works Insurance policy will cover:

  • Loss or Damage to the insured construction project
  • Loss or damage to third party property
  • Personal Injury to a third party person

On a construction site there are a number of scenarios where loss and damage to a building project can occur, including; storms, fires, earthquakes, water damage, malicious damage and theft, to name a few.

A good Contract Works Insurance policy should also provide cover for the costs of demolition, removal of debris and other fees associated with restoring the site to a workable state.

We can insure residential or commercial projects.

There is an automatic limit included for:
- variations and escalation,
- removal of debris,
- professional fees,
- expediting expenses
- mitigation costs at no extra cost.

Transit and off-site storage are also included automatically within our policy without the need to express a sum insured.

Our policies can be extended to include:
- existing structures,
- Contractors plant and equipment,
- financiers interests,
- products liability,
- property in (your) care custody or control,
- vibration weakening or the removal of support,
- advance business interruption